Here are some souvenirs, momentos and tourist treasures collected by the fans and family of Soapy Smith over the decades since his death. Sorry, none of these are for sale.

Claridge Casino and hotel gambling chip

A $5 gaming chip from Claridge Casino and hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This chip dates after 1981. One on-line site stated that they were made in 1997 in a limited edition set and only 2000 were stamped. Strange that a gambling casino would glorify a gambling cheater on one of their gaming chips.

Soapy Smith T-shirts:   (top left) From the 1990's, a great shirt, except that they spelled "Randolph" wrong.  (top right) Made in the 1970's for the Soapy Lives show.  (bottom left) Dated 1984, from Soapy Smith's Eagle Bar. (bottom right) The reverse of the Soapy Smith's Eagle Bar shirt.

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