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Devoted to the violent events in the lives of Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith II and his younger brother Bascomb. Events include gunfights, saloon brawls, assaults, etc.

1874-76Round Rock, TexasN/A
Defending himself against a bully and he knocks a young ruffian out with a chunk of coal.
Denver, Colorado
Oct. 3
Jeff assaults John Koch.

Strikes a drunk with his cane at the Palace Theater.
July 5Jeff gets into a street corner fight with two grangers and wins.
July 21Logan Park brawl. Jeff, Bascomb and members of the Soap Gang fight in a city park with fists, clubs, bottles and an ax.

July 29
Beats John Arkins with cane almost killing him. Charged with attempted murder.

Aug. 21-26
Puts 5" dirk to throat of faro dealer then slashes faro layout.

Pocatello, Idaho
Aug. 30
Shoots two men who tried to gun him down while sitting in a car at the train station.
Denver, Colorado
May 16
Knocks out James Dennis in the Tivoli Club. Dennis was impersonating a police officer.

Sept. 20
Breaks into polling office with others and attacks two poll judges, punching and kicking them in the head and face.
April 8, 1891
Jeff is knocked down in a saloon fight and shoots Jack Devine in the shoulder. Three shots fired in all.

Takes pot shots at a man named Flynn.

Oct. 3
Jeff and others pay a visit to the Glasson Detective Agency and beat two detectives.
1892Creede, ColoradoFeb. 12The "Louisiana Kid" ambushes Joe Palmer and others in front of Jeff's saloon (The Orleans Club). Jeff is most probably involved in the ensuing shoot-out. Joe Palmer has both thumbs shot off, a bullet in an arm and a slight wound in the body.

Denver, Colorado
Oct. 11
Jeff is implecated in the shooting death of Clifton Sparks in a shoot-out inside Murphy's Exchange. The mystery of whose gun the bullet came from was never solved.

Nov. 6
Bascomb strikes a voter and helps others throw him down a flight of stairs.

July 12
Jeff gets into a scuffle with Special Policeman Dyer at 17th and Market streets. Special Policeman Guyton interfers and receives a "cut" in the back.

July 28
Deputy Sheriff Bascomb assaults John Cooney. Two shots were fired in the melee.

1898Skagway, AlaskaJul 8Jeff is killed in a shoot-out with vigilantes on Juneau Company Wharf. He receives one bullet to the left arm, one to the left leg and one in the chest cavity that strikes his heart.

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